We will tell the children about the relevance of Dussehra and Diwali: Preeti Jhangiani and Parveen Dabas

Over the years, the meaning of festivals has changed, and now with the pandemic even more so. But, actors Parveen Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani are making the most of it by teaching their kids new ways to celebrate Dussehra and Diwali.

The couple, who have two sons, Jaiveer (10) and Dev (6), believe that the ways of celebrating festivals may differ, yet they develop the essence of each of them in their children. try to do.

Shares Jhangiani, “For us, festivals are about teaching our children what they are and their relevance. What is Dussehra and what is the relevance of this day. Our little one has hardly any knowledge about festivals, so we use the time to teach and make him aware.”

Dabas, 47, says he doesn’t remember how he used to celebrate Dussehra and Diwali as a child, but has now tweaked it to suit the present times.

“Now with the pollution aspect, we look for things that are more eco-friendly and can be done with kids. Of course it gets a bit restrictive. But we want to teach them the right way to celebrate festivals and Want to show them that there are more ways to have fun and celebrate the spirit of the day.” Khosla’s nest Actor (2008).

Apart from spending time with their kids, the couple is also looking forward to hanging out in small gatherings with friends and family during the festive season. “There are not going to be big parties like in previous years, but there will be smaller intimate parties,” says Jhangiani.

But there is a strict demand. Dabas explains, “People are becoming more careful about vaccination and only hanging out with people who have been fully vaccinated, so this is the way forward. Finally, this festive season we are looking forward to The mood has been much better. We just want to be happy again. People want to be positive about things.”

Jhangiani is also happy with normalcy returning this festive season. “Here’s hoping that there won’t be a third wave and things will be back as they were. It is great to see people slowly getting into the whole festive mood,” she concludes.


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