Tribute to Shelly Devi

Here is an attempt to bring the old world Bengal to life as we pay homage to the mesmerizing arts and crafts of the state.

The women of Ghosh Bari are known for their progressive attitude, their exquisite saris and the cuisines they prepare in the kitchen. The friendship between them is their biggest strength. As they gather to prepare for Durga Puja, their house fills up with savory items, and the most delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. Intricate alpana patterns adorn the floor and brass tunics burn incense incense. Gorgeous women are dressed in Athapouri style saris paired with exaggerated sleeveless blouses inspired by the Victorian era, which adorn their legs and palm. They laugh and sing together, their eyes nourish a thousand dreams, create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dressed in a gorgeous red Jamwar sari hand-woven on pure katan silk with gold zari, Adheera Ghosh wears Alta on her feet. Alta resembles blood, which is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The pop of heena colored meenakari on the saree adds to its beauty. (Photo: Akhil Verma)
Everything about the worship is sacred, including the sound of the conch shell which symbolizes the sacred Om sound. Akashi and Ananya Ghosh learn to blow the conch shell while preparing for the festival. She has derived sarees from the old trunk of her Thakuma – the ivory Khinkwab saree, embellished with a red Banarasi border in Ghatchola pattern and the cream and red georgette Bandhani saree with a golden intricate weave. For a fun twist, they pair the saree with a beautiful blouse that has puffed sleeves. (Photo: Akhil Verma)
The girls learn to make alpana from Thakuma who can create the most votive patterns on the floor even with her eyes closed. Shavitri Ghosh shares white cotton silk with gold zari water brocade. The saree is having gold zari border and heavy brocade pallu. (Photo: Akhil Verma)
The women of the house sit in the kitchen to tell stories after a busy morning. Her sarees showcase the traditional weaving of Bengal. While Ananya wears a Kantha embroidered tussar silk saree, Akash looks graceful in a Jamdani Bengal linen saree with contrast border. It is Shavitri to wear extra weight cotton saree. Extra weft sarees are made by weaving together horizontal and vertical threads of cotton or wool. Adhita Ghosh shows the red cross pattern. Little Si, Sthirtha Ghosh also wears saris today, shada and red, the alluring color combination that always stands apart. (Photo: Akhil Verma)
They say that the mother looks radiant like a bride. In a fun moment, Adhia and Adheera try on the crowns preserved from previous marriages. Dressed in a cream-and-gold Banarasi weave with gold Mughal motifs, Adhia fine-tuned Adheera’s crown for that perfect shot. It takes a queen to fix another’s crown, doesn’t it? Ghosh Bari is known for her spirited women who believe in breaking stereotypes. (Photo: Akhil Verma)

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Concept: Shara AshrafiProduction and styling: Ruchika GargoLocation: Taj Palace, New Delhi Model: Sonalika Sahay as Adhira Ghosh, Savitri Devi as Savitri Ghosh, Amani Sharma as Adita Ghosh, Sarika Sanghi as Akashi Ghosh, Anita Sharma as Ananya Ghosh, Linesha Anand as Sthir Ghosh Dress: Asha Gautam, Heart Up My Sleeves, Weaver Story, Sacred Weaves, Tanira, Sangeeta Kilachand flower arrangement: Ferns N PetalsJewelry: rent and show Makeup and Hair: Richa AgarwalPhotos: Akhil Verma

Disclaimer: This is a fictional work, resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence

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