To-be mom Evelyn Sharma: Can’t wait to adopt her little one very soon

Actress Evelyn Sharma admits that getting pregnant amid the pandemic has been a bit challenging, she and her husband Tushan Bhindi are enjoying every minute of it.

“All is going well and we can’t wait to have our little ones in our arms soon,” Sharma said.

The mom-to-be is currently in the countryside of Australia and says life has been calm and quiet. “It is a wonderful place to live during the pandemic. And, of course, to start our little family safely,” she adds.

Talking about the challenges of getting pregnant in a pandemic, Sharma says the biggest is “to face the changes in our overall lives”. “It would have been wonderful to be with close family and friends during pregnancy, but we have a great community here as well,” she explains.

And this yarian (2014) The actor is keeping himself positive, engaged and engaged. “I feel this strong connection with nature here in the countryside and have been learning a lot about garden design and soil health. I have now become a passionate gardener and have learned a lot about growing and growing healthy food for my family. I keep busy designing a beautiful wonderland in the garden for my little ones,” she tells us.

She stressed that the 35-year-old has some tips for all other moms-to-be too and the most important of them is to eat healthy.

“You need extra nutrients and so does your baby. I have realized that as long as I have eaten healthy and well, I do not grow and crave. Eat organic food, grow some food yourself like fresh coriander even on your windowsill. Your body will thank you for it,” she explains.

While she did not reveal the due date, Sharma says she is looking forward to coming to India with her newborn. “We can’t wait to introduce the little one to our family and friends around the world. And you can imagine how much I miss my beautiful India,” she concludes.


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