The Kapil Sharma Show: Ayesha Julka reveals that Akshay Kumar asked her to apply soda on face and eyes to wake up

the actors Ayesha Julka, Juhi Chawla and Madhu Shahi The Kapil Sharma Show will be seen in the upcoming episode. During the show, Ayesha will reveal some anecdotes from her time working in the industry. One of which revolves around his co-star Akshay Kumar.

Ayesha will reportedly reveal that she used to shoot in multiple shifts and Akshay once advised her that she can wash her face and eyes with some soda. The revelation came when Kapil Sharma reminded him of the time when he worked for eight straight days.

“How did you come to know about this? Very few people know about it,” she asked Kapil in Hindi. According to India TV, when Kapil provoked her, she revealed, “I remember doing films… Like I said, we work in three shifts, four shifts, two shifts, so I’m in the Khiladi film. was shooting for, during the day, at Natraj studio, and at night, doing full night shifts in Chandivali, Balma of the film and the choreographers on both sides were like terror (I remember) , during that 3 shifts, 4 Shooting in shifts, 2 shifts. Once I was shooting for Khiladi during the day and during the night I used to shoot the film Balma at Natraj Studio, Chandivali. And Chinni Prakash was the choreographer in both the films. He was a tough taskmaster. )”

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“And I also remember Chinni ji (choreographer Chinni Prakash), Akshay, whatever sets pe tha soda aur doodh pee, thumbs-up aur doodh, something like that… and you would be totally awake to it. Shooting at night. Or you put soda on your face, let it get in your eyes! That kind of admonishes me they’re just co-stars and choreographers and all. And I’m really trying to follow us too That was right! (I also remember Chinni ji and Akshay always recommending me to drink milk and soda or thumps up or milk to keep me awake during night shoots. They also suggest me to apply soda on my face and get it in my eyes So that I do not sleep. I will get such suggestions from my co-stars and choreographers).

Ayesha and Akshay have been seen together in films like Waqt Hamara Hai, Jai Kishan, Dil Ki Baaghi and Khiladi.


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