Supriya Pathak said on doing a film with step-son Shahid Kapoor- ‘If offered, we will work together’

With her novel theme, Rashmi Rocket is already making noise. Starring Taapsee Pannu, Abhishek Banerjee and Supriya Pathak, the film is based on the practice of gender testing. The film is releasing on Zee5 on 15 October. in an interview with indianexpress.comSupriya Pathak, who plays Taapsee’s mother in the film, talks about her strong character, the joy of working with director Akarsh Khurana and the pros and cons of releasing on the OTT platform.

Supriya says that she was overwhelmed to work with Akarsh, as she has seen him grow up. She says, “I really enjoyed doing this film, I loved the script and the inspiration. It is a very interesting script. I have seen Akarsh as a little kid, so when he offered me this film. So it was a moment of joy and pride. It’s like your kid in the house is offering you a film. So it was a big deal for me.”

Talking about her role, she says, “My role is important as it has a presence and adds poignancy to the film. I hope it comes out. It was great for me to go through this. He added that the mother is a pillar of support in the film, and it reminded him of his mother as well. “Mom is our support system. She is always in our mind… I miss my mother. If she was, I would go to her house and put my head on her lap. In this, he is the perfect person to fall back on. I am playing the character of that kind of mother who has suffered a lot in life. It’s a good relationship.”

Pathak enjoyed working with the ‘youths’ in the film and termed it as a ‘feel good experience’. “We had a lot of fun working on this film, it was my first time working with Taapsee. She was very focused on the role. It was a great pleasure. Akarsh is also a great director and believes in himself so much. It was great working with a group of young people.”

Supriya Pathak has played a variety of roles over the years – if she made people laugh with her antics as Hansa in Khichdi, she also gave them coolness with her performance as Dhankor in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela. Pathak is fond of his character Hansa, perhaps more than other roles. When asked if she misses the role of Hansa, she says, “I miss Hansa, I miss her all the time. I would love to keep playing her all the time.”

Due to the pandemic, the films have been slated to release on OTT platforms instead of theatres. Over the past two years, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Zee have become a kind of lifeline for cinema watchers. Talking about this, she says, ‘OTT is a great platform. Because of this platform, a wide variety of stories and genres can be discovered. We have a great opportunity to do something interesting and keep doing it.”

However, she does disclose her concerns regarding the OTT platform. “When television came, it provided the same opportunity. It was a medium to reach out to a lot of people and reach out to them and tell more stories. Somehow it became regressive.”

Is she referring to the saas-bahu serials that rocked television for almost a decade? “Saas-bahu format, anything. Similar work is being done on similar channels. In daily soaps, quality became unimportant as they became quantity oriented. The face of television changed and I was not comfortable with it. Over here, we have a leader-following attitude, and that scares me. We are not competing within our country, we are competing with a global audience on OTT. If you look at the whole world, the shows are so interesting and different from each other. I hope we manage it here. The films that are coming out on OTT are really interesting.”

However, she fears that a pattern is emerging again. “Whatever I have been seeing over the years, we are again coming up with dark content. All OTT platforms are giving you dark content and we need to end it. We need to tell different kinds of stories. When we started doing television, there were so many genres and techs here and there, we guys, sans. So many things were being done. And then all this talk of mother-in-law started, everyone started doing the same thing. This shouldn’t happen with OTT, because it’s a beautiful start.”

Regarding the reopening of cinemas, Pathak says that while she is keen to perform on stage again, it should not endanger anyone’s health. “As an artist, I’m dying to be back on stage, but I don’t want to ask my audience to come and watch it at full potential.”

Most of Supriya Pathak’s family is in the industry, including her stepson Shahid Kapoor. When asked if we will ever see them on screen together, she laughs, “I don’t know, I don’t know. But if ever offered, we will work together.”


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