Neha Dhupia says she was ‘in between contractions’ while shooting: ‘Put the crown back on my head’

Neha Dhupia revealed that she experienced contractions when she was shooting for a project. The actor and her husband Angad Bedi recently welcomed their second child.

Neha Dhupia has revealed that she was ‘in the midst of shrinking’ while shooting for a project. Neha welcomes her second child, a boy with her actor-husband Angad Bedi earlier this month. They also have a daughter Mehr, who was born in 2018.

During her second pregnancy, Neha was busy with work. During this she shot for her upcoming film Sunak, in which she played the role of a pregnant police officer. In a recent interview, Neha revealed that she worked till her due date and even experienced contractions while on the sets.

“I haven’t told this to anyone, but I was working through labor and contractions. Like I was in the middle of contractions and shooting. On a lighter note, you can put the crown back on my head that I won 20 years ago (referring to her Femina Miss India pageant win) that I was working during labor and contractions,” she said, speaking with News18. She said she worked till her due date. Didn’t decide to do it, but it just ended that way.

She also revealed that Meher is excited about the new addition in the family. “Mehr is very excited. During the pregnancy, Angad and I were grooming her to be a sibling and she would soon have to share her room. We also taught her that sharing is caring, so she can take care of herself. Shares all her favorite toys with the little one, though she has no idea what’s going on. And after a minute or so, Meher will be like, ‘I’m sharing. I’m taking my toys.’ So this is really cute. Before going to her classes, she walks up to him and says goodbye loudly. Just yesterday she was leaving for her class in the evening and she said ‘bye’ and mom replied, ‘Goodbye,’ and Mehr was like I’m not a kid. She knows she’s an older sister now. She also gets curious when he cries so it’s great to see their bonding,” Neha said.

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Neha and Angad had announced that they were expecting a second child earlier this summer. Neha has earlier revealed that she had trouble getting pregnant for the second time. To make the situation worse, Angad was also diagnosed with Covid-19 during the early stages of pregnancy.

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