Keith Sequeira says marriage counseling added spark to his marriage with Rochelle Rao

Keith Sequeira has said that marriage counseling that he and his model-wife Rochelle Rao The actions taken during the Covid-19 induced lockdown have ‘absolutely’ added to the spark in their relationship. Keith married Rochelle in 2018. The two met in Bigg Boss 9.

Earlier this year, the couple revealed that they turned to counseling. Now, speaking with a leading daily, Keith said that he and Rochelle decided to try counseling, not because they had hit a hard patch, but because their friends suggested giving it a try. .

“We (group of friends) do different things together, so that’s something he suggested by saying that let’s do this because everyone has time, we don’t even know what to do right now, So it would be interesting and there’s a couple that does that online… they have these DVDs that you can download and you follow that and you answer questions and things like that. And I think It’s amazing, I think it’s so important for every couple to do this for two reasons. One, you should never fall into a pattern with your partner, he takes the person for granted and it’s a lot with couples here. Kuch happens. It also helps you to empathize and realize why you are with that person, every couple including us has ups and downs, good and bad moments,” he said.

When asked whether counseling helped spark the spark, Keith explained, “Absolutely, I think that sparking a couple in a couple is more about understanding the other person than just showing off. She’s a good-looking person.” woman and she thinks, about her, the same about me. I think beyond that it’s also understanding the person. That’s where bonding as a couple happens and it’s definitely on the spark reigns. Because everyone grows with time.”

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Speaking with Hindustan Times earlier this year, Keith revealed that fortunately, the couple did not fight during the lockdown. “We are quite blessed. We found our place and did our job and were back together. We didn’t really have fights, we’re lucky,” he said.

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