Glimpses of the new song ‘Pardesi’ to be seen, people who looked like saw it

Sunny Leone shares new song Pardesi teaser: Sunny Leone is once again a repeater. On Monday the alarm will be ringing again and again and the running bar will be once and will be running forever. Any video that Soundy (Sunny Leone) hasn’t changed will type all the others fast. The red color of this song can be calculated accordingly. You have to see these steps: To be open is to be open.

If you want too, you want to. Monday i.e. 14. How is it to long and it is always preferred. This song will happen at 11 am today.

Sunny’s bar
Ek Baar Chaalla Baar Baar Mein… The song garnered over 22 lakh views in 24 d.

Members are socially involved on social media. Recently he took pictures. Cannabin Surbhi Battri. This picture has been taken on the terrace of his house. Wet Wet likes these pictures on social media.

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