Changes in Taimur after the birth of Bhaujir, Saif Ali Khan said this

Saif Ali Khan on Parenting Taimur Ali Khan and Jeh Ali Khan: Asaf Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan) has recently shared his harmful experiences from paying. Saif Ali Khan meets family, Saif Ali Khan (Kareena Kapoor). In the future of the family is Jahangir (Jahangir), it is also ‘Jeh’ from the beloved. These happen at the same time in the family. Saif has also talked about Taimur (Taimur) in his great size.

. Saif says that Taimur not only takes care of his younger brother but also tries to make him happy and laugh. Even after being safe in the air, it will also be safe in space. There is this special love among family members.

Saify that someone from us is doing work and a tweet is taking time out for a little family. Does it work. The family likes to have fun.

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