Can a bad mattress trigger stress and anxiety?

Of all the things that can cause stress and anxiety in people, poor sleep is one of the most influential factors. When one is not able to sleep properly even after a long day of work, it can leave them feeling cranky and tired the next day. Over time, this can lead to mental and emotional health problems.

Our bed plays a big role in helping us sleep. The mattress we sleep on can make or break our sleep cycle. Priyanka Salot, co-founder of The Sleep Company, says that deep sleep occurs when your body begins to perform its restorative duties that promote healthy emotional regulation and help your brain process information efficiently. does.

“The more comfortable and supported you are, the easier it will be to enter this state. If the material used in the mattress isn’t made for long-term use, it can be a breeding ground for allergies and dust mites.” Not only does this lead to several skin and respiratory problems, but also sleep disturbances,” she says.

According to Salot, a bad mattress can sag over time, cause excessive heat retention and give your body poor support, which can prevent you from entering a restorative sleep cycle. “Impaired sleep leads to fatigue, restlessness the next day, which ultimately leaves you feeling unfulfilled or agitated; it just adds to the feeling of anxiety.”

And if someone accumulates enough of these uncomfortable nights, they may notice a drop in energy levels, being unable to concentrate during the day, which can lead to loss of appetite, and some forms of depression. There are other signs, she warns.

What are the things to keep in mind while choosing the right mattress?

“Choosing the right mattress should be a decision made with the utmost care and should be viewed as a long-term investment in your mental wellbeing. And while there are many options available in the market, choosing durability, quality and smart technology will help you not only Designed to help you relax, but also deliver a scientifically proven advanced sleep experience, this should be your priority,” she concludes.

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