Boss 15: Nishant Buttu

Nishant Bhatt is teaching Shamita Shetty in Bigg Boss: In Bad Boss 15 (Bigg Boss) so far the worst is going to happen. Sometime between Jai Bhanushali (Jai Bhanushali) and Sehjpal (Pratik Sahajpal) it will be just like the others. Which tickles the fans of this show. Nishant Bhatt (Nishant Bhatt) now among Shamita. Don’t be technical to calm down Shamita and Shamita is laughing.

Nishank technical to Shamita
In the boss’s house, they are spoiled like a gene and they are spoiled. Make voice over voice voice over loud voice. These are comfortable and suitable for sitting. Now Nishant is going to be seen technical to stop Shamita. But Shamita is that her laughter is not taking the name of stopping. You too this fun promo.

One Iyer is being seen between the twin in love love angle angle. However, the faster the relationships are formed in the Bigg Boss house, the faster they break down. Guggbo has a frequency crisis. . The same thing starts with the connection. fit for a promotion.

The game of Gummo Boss 15 has joined the game and it has become even more fun. The owner of the house has gifted his body. are also eco-friendly.

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