Bollywood actors demand pay hike; Experts attribute high content consumption among viewers

The negative impact of the pandemic on the world of showbiz has been massive and much talked about – shootings stalled, theaters shut and livelihoods affected. Now, as the industry slowly returns to normal, one can assume that the actors will be asked to take a pay cut to cover the loss. However, it is quite the opposite. As the OTT medium is witnessing increasing demand for content consumption, actors are demanding a pay hike.

Our source reveals specific examples of actors who have raised their fees from the ball park Now 50 lakhs to 2 crores. About a year and a half ago actor Gulshan Devaiah was working 40-50 lakhs. But now he’s asking 2 crores. The same goes for actors Harshvardhan Rane and Vikrant Massey. they were meeting from 75 lakhs 1 crore, and they have now started asking 1.5 crores. That too comes with a clause in the contract: If his film goes for direct-to-digital release, he’ll get 1.5 crore extra. “

Massey’s co-star in his upcoming film, forensicsRadhika Apte is also another example. “The fee she is asking for is 2.5 crore, and has included the same clause (with respect to OTT release) in his contract,” says our source.

We are told that actor Kartik Aaryan was also paid an extra amount when blasted The makers decided to release the film directly on the web platform.

Trade expert Atul Mohan says, “There is a lot of demand from OTT, actors are so busy that they do not have time. Practically all the actors are busy over the next few years. If you contact them, they don’t have dates. So that means you will obviously ask for more money when it is in demand.

There is nothing wrong with actors demanding increased fees, feels producer Anand Pandit, who has done films like Bankroll the big bull And faces.

He is of the opinion, “It is about demand and supply. If I’m an actor and my producers are giving me 10 Because of any equation… all of a sudden if an OTT platform gives it to me 50, my demand increases. The more money I’ll ask, the easier it is. I haven’t met anyone who is suddenly asking for more money. I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

How well an actor can do commercially increases their market value, but producer-trade analyst Girish Johar says it also depends from actor to actor.

“If there is viability, the producer will pay off. We all know how revenue streams have been affected, especially dramatic. The key is digital revenue, which has temporarily become the backbone. The moment the theatrical business opens up and all If something becomes normal, I guess it doesn’t make sense,” he explains the reason.


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