According to 79 years, such questions to 72-year-old Malini, say – ‘S in’.

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13: This week of Q Crorepati 13 is going to be more funny. This meeting was completed. to Shohots. And am (Hema Malini) for such shopping. ️ this

Question from Nehema Malini
Asking these kinds of questions like you want the same. In this kind of promo, she is saying that she also answers this O Parama Malini with great love. Wodehan – Compaq, Leap statistic and less money. Have to ask question on this. . So Hema Malini speak with penance – Before doing penance.

like to do. Hemalini and in the film going together. Hema Malini opposite Khel and Khel Khel Khel Khel Jaya Bachchan. But hold on. How to update updated updates.

Also further: OTT release of third week: Entertaining season in this season, there will be such situation as Rashmi in Tadka season


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