100 crore figures analyzed in the report – Health Minister

COVID Vaccination: The protest against Corona continues. At a dose of 32 lakhs till 7 pm. Central Health Minister Mansukh Manda has said that in some such diseases, the disease status is crossing 100 crores. Strengthen India’s supply of vaccines and produce more than 28 crore dodos.

“Out of the eligible population, 73 percent of the quota is at least equal to the same, then accommodate 29 percent of the population,” Manda said.

Those people have it to pass. At that time, it said that the 280 million global health vaccines and healthy vaccines have been referred to as the dose of healthy vaccines. Mobiles of about 60 lakh lakh phones

Manda has killed, which has so far deteriorated at a speed of 97 crores and V.V.

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The Delhi government has written a letter to Manda in this regard. Actually consider starting with the post of the on-the-go center tikon, thus the latter will be updated at home for the latter.

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