Council seeks assurances over millicent hospital build plans

The county board of commissioners Tuesday approved a recommendation to approve a $3.6 billion federal grant for the Millicent Health Care System, an extension of a previously approved request in 2010 that would pay for 1,300 new beds of nursing and physician services, a construction upgrade, a new health and safety plan, and a redesign of the county’s facility complex that would accommodate 1.2 million patients.

The county board took the decision after approving a grant of 우리카지노$3.1 billion for medical centers in 2012, in the face of a $1.3 billion federal Medicaid expansion that is projected to cost $6 billion. The plan is part of a larger federal health plan intended to help create 300,000 jobs in county-owned hospitals by 2022.

The millicent expansion would cost $300 million more per year than it currently costs, county officials said, though the county will retain funding from the Medicaid expansion to cover construction of the new buildings. A total cost estimate for the development and expansion will be included in county planning documents.

“We are thrilled with the progress of the Millicent Health Care System, and look forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure that the plan is completed as efficiently as possible,” said County Executive Chris Abele. “The Millicent Health Care System’s new facilities will help to relieve overcrowding and increase the capacity of hospitals and physician offices across our counties and serve our residents and the residents of the surrounding communities.”

Since 2009, the county has also su바카라사이트bmitted the additional $2.1 billion for Millicent Health Care System, saying it would cover the additional costs of renovations to the existing complex and providing financial assurances that the health care service would remain cost-effective through the coming years.

The hospital has a capacity of more than 1 million patients, and the facility would be used for primary care, specialty care and pediatric care and is expected to have room for 575 full-time doctors and 1,300 full-time nurses by 2019.

The county’s health care needs “will not be met gospelhitzunless and until funding is appropriated” from the federal health fund for Medicaid expansion, said Robert O’Callaghan, a county health official who recommended the millicent expansion on behalf of county employees.

“Our elected officials must lead this effort,” O’Callaghan said. “Our funding process is the primary reason county staff are working to help make this a success and we owe it to the people of Millicent County.”

The millicent projec

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